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Posture of Consciousness

Boston Healing Tao School of Taoist Practices

17830023The Alexander Technique Meets Iron Shirt Chi Kung

This workshop explores the non-doing aspects of consciousness and awakening by combining principles of the Alexander Technique and Iron Shirt Postures taught within the Healing Tao system. The Healing Tao system is a particular path to consciousness. We learn about our innate connection to the Universe and practice methods of consciously accessing this universal connection.

Evolving consciousness can be misunderstood as something one needs to ‘do’ in order to wake up and be free. While studying and taking courses are pathways to higher consciousness, an awakened moment doesn’t really involve ‘doing’ anything for it to happen.

Alexander Technique principles of non-interference offer insights into what we may be ‘up to’ that could be hindering our best efforts of living a more conscious life. Combined with the Iron Shirt Chi Kung postures you will learn a deeper understanding of how to allow for the unexpected moment. You will learn to explore change within stillness, allowing for a deep inner movement while standing in relationship to the universe.

The path to consciousness is a journey, a journey full of shifts in awareness and changes in perception and understanding. Your journey may take you down a particular pathway and it can occur in a single step. You may experience an awakening all at once like a huge aha! moment and it can be a growing awareness, an emergence of Self over time. Join me and explore the posture of consciousness within your own being in relationship to the great ultimate universe we live in!

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