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Master Wei Lun Huang *

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 Master Wei Lun Huang

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Widely regarded as one of America’s most skilled practitioners of the internal arts, Master Huang leads inspiring workshops that will raise your practice to a new level. We host Master Huang in March and September each year.

Master Huang began his studies of internal arts as a child and has been teaching worldwide for more than 25 years.  He has trained in Tai Chi since he was a child growing up in Foshan (Guangzhou, China).

Master Wei Lun Huang teaches Yang Style Tai Chi (Taiji Chuan) Long Form, Sword Form, Fast Form, Martial Art Practice, Meditation. Hsing Yi, Ba Gua, Liu He Ba Fa, Chi Kung, Push Hands, sword, spear and martial applications. Master Wei Lun Huang is a teacher of teachers!

Using his experience in recovering from a spinal cord injury, combined with his knowledge of the human body, Master Huang is known for his rehabilitation and conditioning skills.  He has helped students with a wide range of physical limitations and conditions.

He is highly regarded for his teaching of energy work and self healing as well as for the powerful and explosive quality of his martial arts for those seeking a higher level of training.

We are most fortunate to be able to host Master Huang here in the Boston area twice a year. 


Master Wei Lun Huang performs Liu He Bafa:


In this Video Master Huang performs the Yang Style Tai Chi Long Form.

It’s an old scratchy video but well worth watching!


In this Video Master Huang performs a Push Hands Demonstration: