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"By having your Tai Chi Short Form DVD, I practice more often. My increased Tai Chi practice has enabled me to become more aware and more clear about what I want to achieve in my life."Louis James
Practicing the “Three Dan Tien Chi Kung” DVD with Marie Favorito is like visiting a gorgeous location with your most -fun-to-be-with friend, and having her show you how to take it all in:  mind, body, spirit and soul. And there’s a great soundtrack. “Three Dan Tien Chi Kung”, as Marie teaches it, is an easily learned, but nonetheless deep, moving meditation that energizes the body’s three main energy centers.  In her Introduction, Marie provides a good theoretical background that, for me, really helps ground the practice.  In her naturally warm and friendly way, she coaches us through the mechanics of doing the chi kung exercises.  As I work with the “How-To” part of the DVD, I increasingly appreciate Marie’s many tips on fine tuning the details for an even richer chi kung experience.  When it comes to pulling it all together and actually doing the whole Three Dan Tien form, I prefer the “Follow Along” version without the narrative; the flowing sound track written by Producer Jamee Culbertson and performed by Jazz guitarist Julian Lage and percussionist Tupac Mantilla is enchanting.  However, the step-by-step narration on how to do the form is very helpful when you are still in learning mode. The Utah setting is glorious.  The light is amazing. You can feel the breeze and smell the sagebrush. More important, this is a teaching video.  The camera zooms in on the important points of focus just when you need it to.  You see exactly what Marie is doing with her feet, hips, hands, and back throughout the lesson.  All in all, this DVD from Boston Healing Tao offers a fun and beautiful way to learn and do this practice.Jackie Katzman
"Marie!  You gave me my first Chi Kung dvd at the brunch the next day after we talked.  I just wanted to tell you how much it has helped me and how much I love it!!  From the very first time I followed along with just the warm up portion I felt less tension and pain in my back.  I felt relaxed and energized and it has worked every time.  I try to carve out some time 2-3 times a week and am frequently forced to do it with my 2 and 4 yr olds in the room with me.  They try it out for a while and love the laughing portion-of course 🙂  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Peace & blessings to you for all of your work."Julie, Massachusetts USA
"Marie...Your Tai Chi class has helped me with a painful hip/leg problem. I had difficulty moving from a sitting to a standing position. After 3 weeks in your class, I move without pain. Thank you for your guidance and help."Rose-Ann Cormier
"Marie, the DVD arrived this afternoon and I just finished watching it for the first time. Excellent job! Clear, easy to follow, beautiful, and it shows many of the finer points that I need to work on. I leave tomorrow on my holiday trip; you can be sure this DVD will go along with me. Thanks for the quick service and a first class study aid. Next to taking your classes in person, this is the best tutor I could have."Joel W. - Texas, USA
"What a well made DVD! Just watching it has a calming effect. The technique is easy to understand and the practice doesn't take a huge chunk out of my day! I have no excuse now 🙂 Thanks for such a great and life changing program!"Yared D. - Vancouver, BC, Canada
"I put the Tai Chi short form to the test when I was having a very stressed out day. The results were nothing short of amazing. Within 10 minutes I felt relaxed and peaceful. Not only that, I was buzzing with energy. Tai Chi short form is an easy to learn and practical method for stress relief. It has my highest recommendation. Keep up the good work!" David Maleney - U.K.
"I was truly impressed with the DVD. I was afraid it was going to be cheesy and difficult to follow along. It's actually very well done and very informative. It's easy to follow along with the movements because she does them so gracefully. It's also very peaceful to watch. I'm really glad I have a copy." Isaac Kenn - Salt Lake City, Utah USA
"Marie's DVD is a great tool for refining my form, I'm going to refer to it often, and as a teaching aid also. It's great to instantly call up her knowledge and devotion to the art. Beautifully presented in the open air with relaxing, harmonious music as a backdrop. Thank you Marie and staff."Bob Laub - Seattle, WA. USA
"I didn't really know anything about Tai Chi when I first watched Marie's program. I thought - 10 minutes, what have I got to lose? To my amazement, I soon found myself addicted to Marie's soothing instruction, and even more soothing movements that were really easy to learn. It's so well made, it's a delight to watch every time -- not to mention a lifesaver in my insanely busy life! Thanks!!"Juho Tunkelo – FinlandThe World According to Juho
"I have studied with Marie for years and was amazed at how much teaching she has packed into her Tai Chi DVD. Each part is layered with detail and guidance that will help you grow and progress for years of practice. This beautifully constructed tool captures the essence of Marie's terrific approach that inspires you to bring out the best in your Tai Chi form!" Joe Anzalone - Framingham, Ma. USA
"Thank you for the relaxing Tai Chi DVD. I must say, I was a bit skeptic to start off with, but once I got into it, I was rather surprised. I didn't realize that it would have such an amazing relaxing effect on me. And having it on DVD makes it so convenient - I can put it on any time I like and learn more about Tai Chi. Marie (the instructor) certainly does a very good job of systematically illustrating all the actions of Tai Chi and have made it so easy for beginners to get into it."Gideon van Schalkwyk - Brisbane, AustraliaOnline Video Marketing
"The Tai Chi DVD made by Marie Favorito is very easy to follow. It is just like being in one of Marie's classes with simple instructions and detailed explanations. It is very peaceful to watch and professionally made."Raewyn Khosla - New Zealand
"I have worked with Marie's CD - Fusion 1 and 2 for the last several months. I find the CD clear, concise and precise. Marie leads these practices with great skill. I have repeatedly worked with the CD and continue to find it of great value"Paula Fayerman
"I have your Microcosmic Orbit CD and it is amazing. I am feeling energy moving that I haven't before. You did a great job guiding the meditation. Thank You!Brian Winsor
"Marie has great chi! She is an excellent instructor and creates an atmosphere of serenity and joy."Nancy Conkling, Jin Shin Jyutsu PractitionerJin Shin Jyutsu
"Marie's compassion, skill and exceptional teaching ability in the Asian Healing Arts has contributed to my deep understanding and practice of Qigong and Meditation over the years. I am grateful for her many contributions to the health and well-being of our world community."Carolee Parker, M.Ac.
"BHT gave me skills I use to live a healthy, happy life!"James English, New Hampshire