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Master Wei Lun Huang Workshop

Boston Healing Tao School of Taoist Practices

Master Wei Lun Huang Workshop

February 28, 2014 @ 11:30 pm
BHT Studio
11 Bow Street
Somerville, MA 02143

Master Wei Lun Huang, widely regarded as one of America’s most skilled practitioners of the internal arts leads inspiring workshops that will raise your practice to a new level.  Come spend the weekend with Master Huang to learn and practice Chi Kung and Tai Chi and bring your health and practice to a new level.


61_fist_fountainUsing his experience in recovering from a spinal cord injury, combined with his knowledge of the human body, Master Huang is known for his rehabilitation and conditioning skills.  He has helped students with a wide range of physical limitations and conditions.

He is highly regarded for his teaching of energy work and self healing as well as for the powerful and explosive quality of his martial arts for those seeking a higher level of training.

Friday evening 7:00pm to 9pm: 10 Step Breathing Chi Kung – Simply the best Chi Kung form to get the flow of energy moving! 

Saturday, 9:30 am to 4:30pm:  Ba Gua Animal Chi Kung  – Ba Gua Chi Kung is a unique system which develops balance and high quality energy flow in the practitioner. Based on the I Ching eight trigram theory, Ba Gua blends the extraordinary qualities of the eight animals and the natural twisting power of the tornado. This form of chi kung practice will strengthen tendons and ligaments that support your whole body and internal structure. *Open to All, beginners as well as experienced students!

Sunday, 11am to 5pm:  Rainy Day Tai Chi & Tai Chi Principles – Rainy Day Tai Chi Training has incredible, graceful movements and builds great endurance. Working with the inner flow of ‘Chi’ distinguishes Tai Chi from the external martial art forms. Sunday’s training includes instruction about essential internal connections, martial applications and Chi flow in your Tai Chi practice.


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