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Chi Kung and Meditation Weekly Classes – Winter 2014

Boston Healing Tao School of Taoist Practices

Chi Kung and Meditation Weekly Classes – Winter 2014

January 21, 2014 @ 11:30 pm – January 22, 2014 @ 1:00 am
Boston Healing Tao
11 Bow Street
Somerville, MA 02143
Marie Favorito

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Chi Kung practice is an understanding that your entire body is filled with channels or “meridians” through which energy or “Chi” flows.  While Acupuncture uses needles to improve this flow, Chi Kung allows you to do it yourself using only your breath, movement, and the intention of your mind.  At BHT we teach a variety of Chi Kung forms and movements such as:

Chi Kung Basics:  Especially good for developing balance, strength, flexibility and enhancing the ‘chi field’.

Three Dan Tien, Washing Heaven and Earth Chi Kung: The most simple Chi Kung for beginners and advanced practitioners. Especially good for developing the ‘Chi Kung State’.

Ba Gua Chi Kung and Walking: Literally translated as 8 directions, Ba Gua is a sister internal art to Tai Chi. Ba Gua includes 8 animal chi kung forms that emphasize circular movements and spiraling, coiling power.

Incense Chi Kung: is a very gentle set of Chi Kung Buddhist exercises that work with the whole body.  Fifteen separate movements that can be done by all. Movements and stretches that open the body’s energy pathways and allow for greater flexibility.

Tai Chi-Chi Kung: Movements and stretches that open the body’s energy pathways and allow for greater flexibility. Great preparation for long forms. Great workout.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung: Once a protective training martial art, a practice that strengthens the internal organs; root yourself solidly and provide internal power. Buddha Palm Chi Kung and Cosmic Healing Chi Kung: Buddha Palm Chi Kung presents an elegant set of slow Tai Chi-like movements of the arms and hands.  This practice uses major acupuncture points in your hands to activate, open and balance energy pathways throughout your body harmonizing your internal energy.  Access Cosmic Chi and learn to direct it to your hands and fingers for healing and creativity. Buddha Palm opens the Chi flow to the hands for self healing or application to others. Applicable to all Oriental body workers and other healers.

Six Healing Sounds Medical Chi Kung: The Six Healing Sounds is a set of six external chi kung movements, combined with specific sound vibrations which help to balance and regulate the temperature of your body….

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