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Fusion of the Five Elements Meditation

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Fusion of the Five Elements Meditation

The Fusion of the Five Elements meditation is the second level of Taoist meditation and begins the process of Inner Alchemy.  In the Healing Tao system, following the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, comes Taoist Fusion Inner Alchemy.  Learning effective Fusion techniques brings harmony to your emotions, transforming the negative and affirming the positive virtues – the heart of spiritual work.  The result is improved energy and peace.  Creating a harmonious environment internally, allows the spirit to stay alive and fully present.

If you look around you you can see the five natural elements in your daily life.  Wood, metal, fire, water and earth.  All of nature moves in cycles and interacts with each other.  In this way you’ll see that all things of life are interdependent.

Transforming negative emotional energy in the vital organs of the body into positive qualities changes the PH balance between the acidic and alkaline states producing a more favorable quality of body chemistry and hormonal balance.  This is inner alchemy, a highly refined process of inner change and quality of ones being.

5elements_enWhen you Fuse Five Elements Chi into a “crystallized pearl of compassion”,  you circulate the pearl to purify and activate the Eight Extraordinary (Psychic) Channels.  Learn to circulate higher frequencies of positive chi and activate energy flow in your three core channels.  This powerful mind training may open psychic and healing energies.

Fusion meditation is essential work for emotional balance.  Opening the core central channel called the Thrusting Channel or Chong Mai, and the belt channels of the eight extraordinary meridian’s Dai Mai & Dai Mo is part of this practice.

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In the Fusion practice you will focus on balancing negative and positive emotional energy and channeling earth, cosmic and heavenly forces.  This profound Taoist esoteric internal alchemy will empower you to quickly reach a state of inner integrity and harmony. (Prerequisite: Microcosmic Orbit)


The second level of Fusion involves refining the pearl created in Fusion I.  As the organs become freer of negative emotions, the natural virtues can emerge and blend into the energy we know as compassion.  This creates the energetic quality necessary  to open up other channels in the body – the  Thrusting Routes (large channel which runs from the perineum to the crown) and Belt channels (9 levels encircling the major energy centers of the body.

Psychic self-protection methods are also learned to prevent burnout and protect the nervous system, spine, & brain. The energetic infrastructure allowing the body to become extremely permeable to chi circulation is now in place for further alchemical work.


Fusion III works with the Great Bridge & Great Regulator channels to complete the opening of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels, (Microcosmic Orbit, Thrusting & Belt Channels), which irrigate and regulate the organs of the body.

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