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Taoist Inner Alchemy

It is well documented that the Power of the Mind can heal the body.  Taoist meditation is a really down-to-earth practice.  Taoist Meditation contains sitting, standing, lying down and moving techniques. The focus is on generating, transforming and circulating internal energy.  Once this energy is developed and refined one can use it for healing, creativity or delving into deeper meditation practices.

FiveElementsCycleBalanceImbalanceMeditation involves the breath, the mind, the spirit and the body.  Nourishing all these aspects of self can help to create a peaceful and creative life.  A primary goal people have in mind when seeking out a meditation practice might be for stillness and calm in their lives, some peace of mind and further clarity and insight into lifes adventures.  Another goal may be for improved concentration and focus.  Learning meditation is very personal. There are many meditation techniques to choose from and are probably as many ways to meditate as there are people!

Learning meditation may involve observation, imagination and intent.  At first one might observe the noisy mind yet choose not to react to it and instead focus on the meditation ‘formula’, imagine the process occurring using your mind to guide the energy.   At times sounds might be used to aid in transforming energy.  As your commitment grows so will your daily practice deepen.  Some people enjoy attending classes and some will enjoy listening to our guided meditation CD’s It is all good!

In choosing Taoist meditation practices you are choosing a very grounded method since the ‘formula’ for these meditations are in the body.   You’ll learn how to get in touch with the energy of your inner organs, smiling inside to them, transforming them into love, kindness, gentleness and healing energy.

The Inner Smile, the Microcosmic Orbit and the Six Healing Sounds Meditations guide you to freely move any Microcosmicstagnant energy, opening you to Healing Energy. You will learn how to cleanse toxins out of the organs, circulate your Chi, your Life Force Energy through two of the most important channels of the body and transform negative emotions into positive emotions.

Inner Smile Meditation

The Inner Smile is the most basic, but profound relaxation meditation in the Healing Tao. It calms and strengthens your nervous system by combining Smiling energy with Golden Light Heavenly Energy and directing this Elixir into the body through all the major organs, the digestive and nervous systems.

The Six Healing Sounds Medical Chi Kung

The Six Healing Sounds is a set of six external chi kung movements, combined with specific sound vibrations which help to balance and regulate the temperature of your body. Using the intention of your mind.

The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

The Microcosmic Orbit is a meditation practice in which you focus on circulating your life force through two of the most important energy meridians in the body.

Fusion of the Five Elements Meditation

The Fusion of the Five Elements meditation is the second level of Taoist meditation and begins the process of Inner Alchemy.  Read More…

Kan & Li

The third level of meditation after Fusion of the Five Elements continues the process of deep Inner Alchemy. Kan & Li literally mean water and fire.  This meditation generates steam to cleanse the internal organs and meridians. The coupling of fire and water along with compassion energy from the heart, sexual energy from the kidneys and sexual organs produce a fine subtle vapor. With this we cleanse the meridians, the organs, the glands, the spine and nervous system and the lymphatic system. (* Kan & Li is an advanced Meditation so one must be practicing the Microcosmic Orbit and Fusion Meditations prior to taking this course).