School of Taoist Practices and Inner Alchemy
  • Tai Chi Chi Kung is a relaxed moving meditation and martial art which calms the body and mind. Tai Chi increases your life force. Tai Chi will teach you to generate more energy, release tension and improve your posture and breathing. We teach the Tai Chi Short and Long Forms, Sword Form and Rainy Day Tai Chi classes.

  • Classes are held at our studio at 11 Bow Street, 2nd floor Somerville, MA. Call 617-501-9118

  • Learn to Manage Your Energy and Get into the Zone!

Spring Retreat

After a long winter why not treat yourself to a Springtime Retreat? Come and join us at Angels Rest in western Massachusetts for a weekend of Chi Kung and meditation! Read more here - - - - - - >


The Boston Healing Tao was created through the passion of Universal Healing Tao Senior Instructor Marie Favorito. Marie is also Past President and Co-Chair of the Certification Committee of the Healing Tao Instructors Association and is on the Universal Healing Tao Global Council of 9 whose vision is to unify the Universal Healing Tao System worldwide.

Classes have been scheduled weekly since the early 1990’s. As well as weekly classes we schedule Weekend Workshops and Yearly Week-long Retreats. Students who wish to become Universal Tao Instructors can train with Marie to accomplish their goals.

Private lessons are also available with Marie and the other Senior BHT Instructors Jamee Culbertson and Joe Anzalone.  You may Contact Us here for more information.

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Tai ChiChi Kung * Meditation * Healing Love * Chi Nei Tsang * Chi Kung/Energy Healing * Alexander Technique

What is being offered at The Boston Healing Tao?     

Full_LogoBHT_TopAll the core tools you need to know for centering and balancing your life force energy or Chi, found within GrandMaster Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao system. The Healing Tao practices involve sitting, standing and moving meditations that are derived from ancient Taoist and Buddhist techniques rooted in nature and are linked to Traditional Chinese Medicine. These techniques have been gathered and integrated into a coherent, easy to learn system for well-being. The techniques work directly with the life force, Chi or Qi. The aim of the Healing Tao is to restore the individual to a condition of harmony with the flow of the forces of nature. The Healing Tao is not a religion and does not require the belief in any set of deities or gods.

The Boston Healing Tao teaches these ancient and essential tools centering on your own ability to self-heal.  These practices require a willingness to take responsibility for one’s own health and wellness and asks you to be proactive in your own healing process. We also offer Medical Chi Kung techniques as is taught in clinics throughout Asia and exercises centering on developing Chi (or Qi), flow such as relaxation methods for centering, guiding Chi and techniques to emit Chi/energy to heal yourself and others.  To find out more call: 617-501-9118 or you may Join Our Mailing List by Clicking Here.